10 College Girl Trends that Need to End… Now

*Disclaimer* I am no guru, nor a life-coaching expert; simply a twenty-something who is fed up with the BS.


1.)    Being selfie obsessed

selfie1Yeah, the world can be a hard place, so maybe we need something to feel good about. And on days where our hair is doing that thing we really like, maybe we should document it. But the daily, hyper-edited, overdramatic selfie? Nobody needs that all over their Instagram.

2.)    And while I’m at it…

Taking pictures with your significant other…kissing. While it’s awesome that you love each other and I’m a proponent for there being more love in this world, your PDA does not need to be broadcasted on the internet for everyone to suffer through. I mean really, who even is taking those pictures of you?

3.)    Getting “white girl wasted”

We all have our nights where maybe we’ve had more drinks than we’d intended, but anything short of in control of your alcohol once you’re an upperclassman is just not cute. Unless it’s your birthday, nobody wants to see some chick falling all over herself.

4.)    Sincerely complaining about first world problems

Oh, the college student has a lot of homework? The college student doesn’t want to study for their midterm on this Thirsty Thursday? I’ll be real here for a minute: I’ve been known to complain about the stress of my college work load (I feel bad for anyone who’s around when I’m working on my thesis). But when all of this stress builds up and all we can do is release a bitter storm of complaints, we need to take a moment to remember that not everyone is under school-work-stress; they might be under where-is-my-next-meal-coming-from-stress. As demanding as college can be, we are fortunate to be collegiettes. That’s not to say that schoolwork isn’t taxing, but perspective is important.

biddie dress 5.)    Body-Con Dresses (AKA the Biddie Dress)

Yeah, maybe I’ve donned one or two in my hay-days at 18+ club nights, but I’m talking about the girls prancing from dorm to dorm on a college campus. While they may be cute, you do not need to be in a body-con dress to play beer pong with the guys next door.

6.)    Saying you’re going to die alone (See: “An Ode to the Future Cat Ladies of America”)

I’ve said it once, but it warrants repeating: as a twenty-something (or late teen) collegiette, if the worst thing in your life is that you’re single, you’re pretty damn lucky. Yes, sometimes it sucks being alone, and yes, sometimes it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of couple-envy. But instead of being bitter, why not fall in love with the rest of your life? I hate to be the raincloud on someone’s parade, but stop focusing on the boyfriend who isn’t there, because he’s just that: not there. Instead, focus on the people, the friends, the passions, that are there. Besides, any guy that’s interested in you will be deterred by this pessimistic outlook. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar!

7.)    Slut-shaming

I get it. Sometimes you see a girl and you wish so hard that she’d cover up with more clothes. Maybe it’s not even personal, right? Maybe you just don’t want her to get a reputation, or for a guy to get the wrong idea. That’s not so bad, right? Except what do those thoughts say about women as a gender, as a community? It says two things. First, it says that we, as women, do not support each other. That in an instant, we are ready to throw someone under the bus, spit biting words like “slut” or “skank” or “whore”. Call me naïve and call me a pacifist, but things run so much smoother when we are able to support each other. Second, it says that when a girl dresses “slutty”, it’s okay for a guy to take advantage of her, whether she wants it or not. And I think we can all agree that it is never a victim’s fault in situations like that.

8.)    Taking off your shoes in the middle of a club or a party

As the wonderful Miss Jenna Marbles says, “when you go out at night, you need to make a mini marriage with your shoes.” Do not wear a pair of high heels that you can’t handle; it’s as simple as that. While I myself love a good high heel and envy those who can wear them (they make me just a smidge too tall), what I don’t love is seeing a drunk girl whine that her feet hurt and carry them around the bar or party with her. And I’m not trying to be some stick-in-the-mud, judgmental bitch; I’m concerned for safety here! Surfaces could be slippery, there could be broken glass. For all you know, you could contract gangrene on those floors!

9.)    Saying all you want to be is a housewife

Going to college is a privilege that every college girl should be thankful for (see #4, “Sincerely complaining about first world problems”), which is why I absolutely cannot stand listening to young women—intelligent, talented, capable young women—tell me that all they want in life is to be a housewife. Don’t get me wrong; my mother was a stay-at-home mom, and I admire the full-time job she gets no retirement from; there is no nobler career path than motherhood. But to be a twenty-something lady with the whole world within your grasp, I cannot wrap my head around the lack of ambition. Young women just like us fought so hard for everything we have, yet many of us digress. It leaves me shaking my head.

10.)            Being ignorant of important global issues

But really. Why have I overheard a girl at my college ask what a democrat is? In the booming age of digital media, it seems as though we are all connected to everything; to each other, to school news, to our favorite celebrities. This is all fantastic; call me an old lady, but it truly boggles my mind that I literally have a hand-held computer beside me when there are people in the world who remember when the television was invented. Why is it, then, in the midst of all of this technology, that we are such a ridiculously ignorant demographic? As college-educated ladies, it’s up to us to start learning about these issues and formulating plans for change. One great way for keeping up with currentcnn events amidst our crazy, collegiette schedules is to follow news outlets on Twitter! The best part of Twitter news is that it is so quick and easy; it’s only 140 characters, for crying out loud! My favorites are CNN (@CNN) and CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) for immediate, hard-hitting news. To make it more digestible, I love this new website called Kicker (@goKicker), which breaks down the news into easy-to-understand coverage, concluding the stories with doable action-plans.