The Her Campus Book: Why YOU Should Get it Now!


So for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with Her Campus— I’m a contributing writer and part of the blogger network and enjoy every second of both of those. To hear more about my obsession, check out this post!

So a few months ago everyone involved with HC got an email letting them know about the book that was about to drop, and all of the national writers got an email asking if it was okay if they put our names on there as a list of contributors. I was like, duh why wouldn’t I associate myself with that greatness? Thus giving you all one reason why you should definitely be buying this book, and the top reason why I pre-ordered mine. I’m pretty sure within like three seconds of my parents dropping the book off at school for me, I was snapchatting this photo out to anyone and everyone.

HC book bylineWoohoo, go Sara Heath!

If you’re not quite as thrilled as I am to see my name in the book, there are still plenty of things you can do with it. The obvious thing is use it to prepare yourself for college life, hence the title, The Her Campus Guide to College Life.

I’m going to be honest with you all, this part of the book doesn’t really appeal to me much, mostly because in less than two months, I’ll no longer have a need to navigate college life. And yes, I know, there is still plenty of stuff in there that will be useful to me as a young twenty-something, but most of it I’ll still be able to figure out.

So why did I buy this book?

Because for me, it’s going to serve as a sort of time capsule.

I remember one time when I was in like fifth or sixth grade I read this Meg Cabot book called How to Be Popular: A Novel. It was about this chick going into high school who swiped this book about being popular from her grandma or something, and used it as a legitimate guide for high school life. By the end of the novel, the girl had learned some great lesson, told her grandma about it, and her grandma laughed. Oh this thing? Wow. It’s funny to think about what was important and what life was like back when I was in high school.

I want to have that moment in twenty years. I want to pick up the HC book and be like, Oh wow, we all used to stress major when talking about our v-cards to guys. Not to trivialize things women deal with right now, but I hope that I can pick up this book and look at everything that has changed and reminisce about things we did and didn’t value as collegiettes in 2015.

So take it from me, everyone. Even if seeing my name doesn’t make you happy or you might not be in college for too much longer, this book still serves a purpose. A wonderfully sweet and nostalgic purpose.

You can order the Her Campus Guide to College Life at And if you order it before tomorrow, you get a snazzy little offer to Google Hangout with the founders and maybe have your questions answered! I know I’ll be there; will you?