4 YouTube Videos That Will Change Your Life

2016-5-9 YouTube Videos Feature

For most of my “internet career” (by which I mean, the days I would just sit in front of my computer and fall down the rabbit hole), I’ve had the incredible ability to sit in front of YouTube and not move for hours.

It started with dancing videos. Then it moved onto beauty videos. I’ve devoured TED talks and seen some amazing spoken word poetry. And as lame as it sounds, some of these videos have really changed my life. From teaching me pretty important skills, to making me laugh and building inside inside jokes with my friends, to changing the way I look at the world, YouTube has had the ability to make me a whole new person over and over again. Here are some of the top YouTube videos that have changed my life, and will change yours, too:

Westmoore Pom’s 2009 Nationals Routine

Okay, so this isn’t a YouTube video, but that’s because this is old AF and has been taken down because of copyright issues (oops). This dance is what started my obsession with watching dance videos, which was not only an integral part of my adolescence, but as my development as an artist. Westmoore’s coach, Emily Shock, has been a huge inspiration to me as a dancer, writer, thinker, person. And this routine (which I originally saw as a rehearsal in their studio) was my first one. Nothing would ever be the same after this.

Kayley Melissa Halo Curls 

Not every YouTube video I’ve watched has been about inspiration – a lot of them have actually been about practicality! While I’ve poured over countless beauty videos and review/hauls (which have, in fairness, led to the purchase of some holy grail items), no video has enhanced my life more than Kayley Melissa’s Halo Curls video. I literally do this every time I wash my hair now. This method gives me the prettiest curls ever without having to use heat or spend a crazy amount of time. What. A. Life-changer.

Love Letters

It’s been nine years and this video still makes me cry-laugh every single time. Love Letters (a man’s love affair with carbs) is my go-to funny YouTube video, and I have shown it to all of my friends who need a laugh. While most viral videos have by now gotten pretty old and stale, this one is still priceless. It’s permeated all of my life, spicing up my friendships with some fantastically quotable moments.

Sarah Kay’s TED Talk, “If I Should Have A Daughter”

I’m definitely not the only person to obsess over this video. Sarah Kaye is absolutely mesmerizing and has you captivated from the get-go. Her message about having a daughter is beautiful. But what really gets me is just the skill with which she writes her poetry. As someone who really tapped into her love for writing by using poetry as a coping mechanism, that is ultimately what I’m going to take note of. Sarah Kay’s poetry has influenced me so much as an artist, and this is kind of the most well-known that she has on YouTube.



These DIY Tassel Necklaces Are The Perfect Galentine’s Day Gift

DIY Tassel Necklaces

With Galentine’s Day just a few days away, it’s time that we all come up with the perfect DIY for our favorite ladies, and what better than these super easy tassel necklaces?

Tassel necklaces are pretty in vogue right now, which I’m a totally a fan of. Too bad I’d have to sell my first-born son to be able to afford one. Seriously, these necklaces are a waaay too expensive for something that you can so easily make yourself at home. I say make them in bulk and gift them to all of your favorite single (or not single!) gal pals this Galentine’s Day. Isn’t that what Leslie Knope would do?

2016-02-10 18.30.31

You’re going to need:

  • Embroidery thread. I used the kind of shiny thread, but any type is fine.
  • Long chain (I used gold). You can either buy chain and clasps at the craft store, or scrounge around for a cheap long necklace to steal the chain from.
  • Large and small jewelry rings matching the color of your chain.
  • Scissors.
  • Pliers.

Start off by taking the wrappings off of your embroidery thread and unrolling it.

2016-02-10 18.35.16

Then cut either looped end of the thread, and pull out 5-7 individual threads to set aside. You’ll use these laters to tie together your threads, making the tassel.

Next, fold all threads in half. You should end with one trimmed end and one end that’s like a loop.

2016-02-10 18.37.58

Using the looped end, pull your thread through your larger jewelry ring.

2016-02-10 18.38.38

Proceed by cutting all loops, so either end of your thread is trimmed. Then, take the 5-7 individual threads you put to the side earlier and wrap these around your threads to make the tassel.

Being totally honest, this is going to take a few tries — I even enlisted my mom for help. You want to make sure you have all of your threads pulled through the ring nice and smooth so to make this a pretty convincing designer dupe. You can either wrap the individual threads once around your tassel and then tie, or do it twice or even three times. It is totally your preference. I wrapped mine twice.

2016-02-10 18.42.19

At this point the hardest part is over; there are just two quick things you need to do to make your necklace dope as hell.

The first is to do a final trim of your tassel. The amount you trim off will completely depend on how long you like yours. I left mine probably three inches long. Pro tip: you know those individual threads you used to tie off your tassel? Trim those to the length of your tassel, not down to the knot. In the very upsetting and potential event that this knot comes untied, it’ll make things easier to have more thread to work with when you re-tie it.

2016-02-10 18.43.25

Now it’s time for that medium or small jewelry ring to come into play. This is what’s going to hook your tassel onto your chain. Using your pliers, wrangle that sucker open a little bit and slip it onto your bigger ring. I like to slide it onto my chain at this time, too, because I can’t fit it over the clasp of the chain. Don’t forget to close the ring. That’d be a really stupid thing to do.

2016-02-10 18.47.07

And there you have it! Whether you and your friends are going on romantic Valentine’s Day dates (lucky betches), or you’re spending a fantastic Galentine’s Day eating waffles with your hottest lady loves, I hope these tassel necklaces will do you some good. Happy holidays, everyone!

galentines day gif

Why I’ve recently become obsessed with fashion blogs (& you should, too!)

Dear World,

I have a giant announcement to make: I’ve fallen in love… with fashion blogs, that is!

I know, I know, I said in this post that fashion blogging isn’t really for me, but in the past month I’ve subconsciously started to think otherwise. It all came crashing down in front of my face today during lunch when I started to find myself frantically flipping through an awesome fashion blogger’s Instagram just wishing I could be her.

Her name is Rachel Sayumi Porter, and guys, her style sense is dope as all hell. I started creeping on these pictures of her wearing a gorgeous wedding dress with an amazing flower crown headband, and I was in love.. with clothing. For the first time ever. So in love that I think need to wear a flower crown when I get married now.

When I found myself fanatically scrolling through her Insta and her blog, I started to wonder why I was so fascinated by her, and bloggers like her. And I don’t think it’s because they are beautiful (which they are, but that’s beside the point). I think it’s because everything about them exudes creativity, and I think that’s awesome.

I’ve been trapped in this little bubble that has me convinced that a fashion blogger is a girl who wears a white shirt with a Lily Pulitzer scarf and that’s claiming to be fashion; I’m not here to hate on any of those bloggers, but it was never for me. But when I discovered Rachel’s blog, and other blogs like it, I realized that fashion is not about being able to pull the right, preppy top off a shelf and pay an arm and a leg for it. It’s about displaying a certain persona to the world. (Which I guess the Lily Pulitzer wearers out there are doing, too, so right on, ladies! But your style is “good for you. Not for me.”)

And I realized that I’m sort of doing the whole “show the world my creative persona” thing, especially in the last few weeks when I’ve really been aware of “branding” myself so that employers will want me. I’m really trying to personify who I am on the inside by what I’m wearing on the outside, and I’ve been getting this crazy satisfaction out of taking different pieces out of my closet and pairing them with just the right thing. I’m amazed by the fact that I can sit down to write a poetry assignment or a history paper that manages to be beautiful and moving and it’s all just as creative as me figuring out just the right texture of tights to wear with this lace dress.

So back to Rachel and other fantastic fashionistas like her. I was flipping through her Instagram and saw this really cute outfit where she paired a white lacey dress with a plaid shirt buttoned then tied up near her waist, and I was like, Oh my God, I need to replicate that outfit with my closet. And that is so freaking cool! I’m so used to the notion of reading other people’s writing to become inspired, but here I am checking out someone else’s fashion sense to be inspired. That’s like, the neatest thing in the world! It reinforces something that I so value in this world– we are all here to share with each other, and to teach each other, and to inspire each other.

So, to close:
1. I’m starting to take the “fashion” part of “I want to work for a fashion/lifestyle publication” a little bit more seriously when I tell people what I want to do when I grow up.
2. If you’re a great photographer, oh my gosh be my friend, because I want to start sharing whatever outfit gems I can make with the entire world and hope that the inspiration I got from one fashion blogger will inspire someone else.