4 Podcasts that are Total Game Changers

2016-06-26 Podcast Feature Edit

If you haven’t hopped on the podcast game, you gotta. Speaking as someone who’s way sick of the radio and procrastinating in updating her Spotify playlists, podcasts are a total life saver on morning commutes, or long runs, or when soaking in the rays on the beach.

Beyond giving me something different than the same old playlist to listen to, I love podcasts because:

  • They’re informative
  • They tell fascinating stories
  • They indulge in all of my favorite fandoms

Like I said, if you haven’t started tuning into podcasts, you really have to, because they’re a total total tooootal game-changer. Here are some of my favorites to get you on your way:

Anna Farris is Unqualified
Episode to download: Episode 20 and episode 21 with Olivia Munn
Why it’s so awesome: I’m going to be honest here – I do not listen to every episode of this podcast, mostly because some of the guests Anna has are super irrelevant to me (but might be fascinating to you!). But when I am into the celeb guest, this podcast is freaking lit. And the episodes with Olivia Munn? Aside from her being a top celebrity girl crush (seriously, I don’t think I could stop myself from shamelessly flirting with her if our paths crossed), she totally sold me on this line (that I’m paraphrasing): be careful of the woman who can’t be friends with other women. She’s the one who will sleep with your husband. She and Anna spent a good chunk of time completely articulating why I don’t like girls who “can’t be friends with other girls” because ~drama~, and I could not even deal with it, it was so accurate. Do I feel another blog post/rant about this in the future? I’m thinking yes.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
Episode to download: Live from FanX: Nazis, the Occult and Indiana Jones
Why it’s so awesome: Big surprise, the girl who studied history in college likes the history podcast. And even bigger surprise, the girl who specialized in WWI and WWII European history loved the episode about Nazis. My girls Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey accompany me twice a week on the way to work chatting about the coolest little nooks of history that remind me of why this subject stays alive. It’s not always about “learning from our past” or learning from our mistakes; sometimes it’s just about reveling in the magical things people used to do, or hearing a really great story. Can I please be you, Holly and Tracy? Your job is my dream.

Revisionist History
Episode to download: Episode 1, The Lady Vanishes
Why it’s so awesome: Even though there are only two episodes of this brand-spankin’-new podcast out in the airwaves, I’m totally hooked. It’s run by Malcom Gladwell, the guy who’s written some pretty unheard of books like Outliers, Tipping Point, David and Goliath, and Brink. I know he’s just *meh*, but his podcast is pretty awesome. (Also, please let my sarcasm read well on the screen! I do know that Gladwell is kind of a BOSS and his books are fantastic!) This 10-episode podcast takes a second look at various things throughout history and shows how maybe they were misconstrued or misinterpreted, and tries to take a different look. If nothing else, it serves as a good reminder that we should be doing this all the time, and understanding that most things happen from multiple different angles. I’m super about “The Lady Vanishes” because #feminism. Simple as that.

Here to Make Friends: A Bachelor Recap Show
Episode to download: ‘Bachelorette’ S12e2 With Sharleen Joynt, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, & Carol Barbee
Why it’s so awesome: First things first, this podcast is awesome because it recaps the Bachelor and other members of the Bachelor franchise, and indulging this little fandom I have is so much fun. While that’s all fun and stuff, it’s not really the best part. This podcast does an amazing job of proving that just because someone watches the Bachelor or Bachelor adjacent shows does not mean that you’re fundamentally against feminism. It shows that you can watch the show with no irony, and still be looking at it with a critical eye. That’s why I love the episode with Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and Carol Barbee, two creators from the show UnReal (another favorite of mine!). They chat about women leads and how we view #LadyBosses, and I love that we can use this, shall we say, less than intellectual TV show, and transition it to a really critical conversation about women in society.

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