3 Products You Need for Perfect Beach Skin

2016-06-09 Summer Beach Skincare Feature Image

Beach season is upon us and my skin literally couldn’t be happier. This sounds so ridiculously vain, but I really love the way I look when I get super tan. I feel like I look more awake, I wear less makeup, my legs look longer… I’m not trying to say pale girls look gross, but I’m definitely feeling myself when I’m tan.

Which is why I’m super into a beach/summer skincare routine. This isn’t so much about a face skin care routine to keep any acne at bay, but more a routine to keep me looking glowy and feeling moisturized and healthy.

I have three Holy Grail products that I totally rely on when going to the beach, and I’m pretty sure they can rock your world, too:

2016-06-09 Skincare Essentials Summer

Side note: I totally made this graphic before writing the article, so I didn’t take very good care in putting it in a logical order… Oops?

1. Banana Boat After Sun Lotion: See what I mean about ordering these in a way that Makes. No. Sense. This is the last thing I use in my beach skincare routine, but maybe the coolest because it’s been an old reliable since I was a little thing visiting my grandpa’s beach house. This stuff smells so amazing and summery, and is so, so hydrating. And hydrating your skin? Pretty damn important when you’re wasting your days away laying in the sun. This is probably just some stupid back-of-bottle claim, but the Banana Boat After Sun Lotion says it makes your tan last longer and I kind of believe it. Keeping my tan looking fresh and dope as hell? I’ll say yes to that.

2. Jergens Natural Glow: And this is the first thing I use in my skincare sequence! Why I’m listing it second, I do not know. Womp womp.

Before I can haul my ass to the beach, I’m all about the Jergens and have been for years. This gives me a slight summery glow so that I’m not a hundo P blinding when I first step foot on the sand. But I’m obvi not reinventing the wheel by using Jergens for going to the beach or making your legs look d0pe for skirt season.

I also love using Jergens for, yup, you guessed it… dance. (Oh, you didn’t guess that? That’s pretty awkward for you.) Spring and summer is recital and competition season, and having a nice healthy glow makes you look pretty fuckin’ amazing on stage. It keeps the lights from washing you out, and definitely makes you look way more toned.

3. Coppertone Clearly Sheer: And last but not least, the sun screen. Guys, I’m so about this stuff right now. It’s like putting normal lotion on, but instead of just getting the kind of soft skin everyone wants to rub and put their hands all over, you also decrease your risk of skin cancer. I’m not hating that. I usually go with 30 SPF, or maybe even 50 SPF (especially at the beginning of the summer), because when you get a lobster burn honestly you look (and feel) like an idiot.

The best part? This stuff doesn’t really taste like sun screen. Not saying I’m a sun screen eater, but sometimes this son-of-a-bitch gets in your mouth and you literally cannot escape that taste. Once again, I’m not hating that…

What are you all into when you go to the beach? Is there a sunscreen I’m totally missing? Should I be trying to get beachy blond highlights with a kind of Sun In that won’t make my brunette hair look like brass wire? Am I a total asshole for how much I love being tan? Let me know in the comments! Except for the asshole part. Ignorance is bliss.

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