Rave Reviews: MayDesigns Weekly Planner

Rave ReviewsSo I’ve been buying MayDesigns products for years, and there’s a reason for it. Every year, around the start of December, I design my very own weekly planner/organizer and email to my mom exactly what I’d like as a Christmas present (it’s the only thing I get that isn’t much of a surprise).

With MayDesigns planners, you get to design pretty much every aspect of it– you get to choose from approximately a zillion background colors, get to choose what will be on the front cover (name? initials? personal mantra?) and in what font and behind what nameplate, and you get to choose if it’s going to be a weekly planner or a calorie diary or a notebook with blank pages or any of their other options.

I love being able to personalize my planner so that it looks like something nobody else has. I also love that the pages are stitched together so that it’s eco-friendly. I also love that I’m supporting a small business. Suffice it to say, I love pretty much all of the aspects of this company.


This is the beaut I got this year. I believe the pattern came from their Tea Collection from this past fall, but I thought it was a nice combination between pretty and sort of retro boho (what a strange combination, huh?) and would reflect my personal style. I also challenge myself every year to get a different nameplate than I did the year before, even though I always do a monogram of my initials in the script.

MayBooks_Weekly MayBooks_Yearly

This year MayDesigns did something a little different. They always include both a monthly view as well as a weekly view for planning and organization, but usually they would put the monthly view right before a series of weekly pages. That would get awkward sometimes because, as you can see on the left, they show you one week on one page and another on the next page. When a new month would come in between, it would kind of get out of whack. This year, they put all of the monthly views at the beginning and put the weekly views consecutively after that. The font and general design is also a little different, and it has a really nice clean view.


At the beginning of the book they also gave you a year in review page. I love this feature because it keeps you from needing to flip all the way to that month in the calendar to see what day a certain date falls on or something like that.

MayDesigns are so simple and so easy to work with. They don’t take up too much room in your bag due to the fact that they are stitch-bound and have plenty of space for you to write all of your homework assignments or any engagements you need to plan out. Getting my new planner almost makes me excited to head back to school so I actually have stuff to write in it!

DISCLAIMER: All of these opinions are my own, and this post has not been in any way subsidized by MayDesigns by way of monetary compensation or gifting. Read: My mommy and daddy got me this planner for Christmas and I wanted to share with you all 🙂

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